5 Creative Ways to Help Fund Your Bathroom

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Have you walked into your bathroom lately and felt it needed some updating to give it a fresh new look? Modernizing the lavatory can instantly transform the feel of your home. It can be as simple as changing out your cabinetry hardware and removing wallpaper in favor of paint, or as detailed as pulling everything out and starting anew.


Source: Renaissance Remodeling

The first thing that comes to mind when considering a remodel is expense. The average Boise bathroom remodel costs just under $11,000, which isn’t much considering the average ROI is about 62 percent with many properly remodeled bathrooms adding much more value. However, that can be a large chunk of change if you haven’t been saving ahead of time.


If you’re ready to start funding your bathroom remodel project, here are some fun, clever ways to help.


  1. Keep a coin jar. Any time you find change in your pocket or lying around the house, put it in the jar. If you spend $115.30 at the grocery store, add the 70 cents to your coin jar. Even better, round to the nearest 10, and add $4.70. You’ll be amazed how fast pocket change can really add up!
  2. Skip the extra meal out or pack your lunch. If you eat out daily while at work, skipping one to two meals per week will gross a minimum of $500 annually for most people. Packing your lunch everyday could save you thousands.
  3. Shop thrifty. Instead of buying new items, shop at thrift stores or online through social media sites. Then take the difference in cost and put that in your bathroom fund. For instance, if you find a DVD for $2 and it cost $20 new, add $18 to your savings.
  4. Set up a Bathroom Club account. Every time you get paid, have your bank automatically transfer a set amount of money into a special savings account. After a few paychecks, you won’t even miss it.
  5. Learn how to DIY. Not your bathroom remodel; that is quite tricky. However, there are many things you can learn to make yourself with video tutorials online to help slash your budget, from laundry detergent to expensive cleaners.


While some ways to save may take longer than others, it is important to focus on the end goal and know that every little bit helps.


An NARI-Certified Remodeling Contractor in Boise will help you plan your bathroom remodel around your style and budget, turning your dream of an updated bathroom into your reality.

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