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Every machine requires some or the other type of lubrication to work properly. Usually, a machine operator or maintenance technician is in charge to lubricate various parts of the machines. Not only it helps in reducing downtime significantly but also increases production. While some companies manpower to lubricate machines, many companies have auto lube pumps that can be operated easily and can work as efficiently as humans. These automatic lube pumps are manufactured to reduce man-hours spent in lubrication. The time then can be spent on other projects related to productivity.

How else can you benefit by replacing your traditional method of lubrication with the new automatic lube pumps?

Set The System And Let It Lubricate Automatically

The benefit of using automatic pump lubes is the fact that you can depend on them for lubrication. Just set the time and amount. Pump Lube provides consistent grease or oil in precise amounts frequently, which creates the bearing coating that protects a machine from and possible wear and contamination. On the other hand, manual lubrication can enhance the risk of spillages, leading to the premature wear of the machine. In manual lubrication, machines get lubed after or before the shift, but auto lube pumps systems lubricate the machines while they are operating, which reduces post or pre-working hours.

Cost-Reduction And Replacement Of Parts

It’s a well-known fact that most of the machines get damaged because of improper lubrication. Pump Lube can certainly save your pockets in that. A few another factor to consider are the loss production due to downtime, production and repair labour cost and missed deadlines. Plus, it increases safety when repairing machinery, and is adaptable to applications in various markets.

Significant Consumption Of Grease

Lube pumps allow us to set the required amount of oil or grease to apply as specified for the machine. Because the lubrication is a continuous process, the amount of grease set is often very small. Plus, there are fewer chances of spillages. It reduces the expense of buying extra grease, and at the same time, enhances the life of a machine with proper lubrication.


Pump Lube system can be mounted on any machines that require lubrication. Some of the major industries that use automatic lubrication systems include mining, the wind, railroad and commercial vehicles, construction, industrial. Even small industries begin to realise their importance in the daily use of machines.