What are the benefits of trading in currency market ?

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Forex market is largest and most liquid financial market among all. Trading in currencies requires good risk bearing capability. Traders who can not bear high risk usually avoids trading here. For better management of risk and returns currency tips is often referred while trading in this market.Traders and investors have different goals which they want to accomplish by trading in different currency pairs.As high risk is involved , traders must educate themselves about the market first. It is never recommended to blindly start trading here.


Forex trading operates 24 hours a day and 5 days a week which gives traders a flexibility to trade whenever they want. Along with this there are some other benefits offered by currency market which are discussed below :

1)Individual control

The biggest fundamental advantage of trading in currency pairs is that an individual himself has overall control on trade. The individual involved in forex trading always has final decision in his hand , whether to enter or exit from market, how much returns he is expecting according to his risk bearing capability. All such decisions are under control of forex trader. There is no sign of anyone who can force the person to trade in currencies if he does not want to.


2) Transaction costs

There is no restriction on number of currency pairs in which you can trade here. Traders can trade in hundred of different pairs.Futures contracts are also available here with different specifications and maturity date. Forex market offers an option for every budget and every investor with different risk bearing capability.

3) Leverage


Forex market offers highest leverage among all financial asset markets. Different arrangements of market provide investors to lever their original investment by 20-30 times, which facilitates to take benefit from more market opportunities. Movements here are usually small ,because of high leverage traders end up earing profit or loss of significant amount.

4) Transparency and flexibility


There is no restriction on capital which can be used for trading and there is nor regulatory body in this market. This is the only market which is open 24 hours a day. These all factors offers greater flexibility to traders. Currency market is largest and operates across several time zones and information regarding market is easily available.The large size of market makes it more transparent and efficient.


Along with this currency market as few disadvantages as well like counter party risk, operational risk and leverage risk. Financial advisor can also be hired to give recommendations on currency trading tips, mcx tips and more while trading in different markets, as they suggest trading levels after performing quality research work. However always rely on advise of one advisor , taking advise from multiple advisors will create more confusion.

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