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Finding English Teaching jobs that best fit for your goals can be a bit challenging. ESL Jobs Lounge is the ideal solution to search and find English Teaching jobs around the world. Whether you are an experienced teacher or fresher our job lounge offers you a variety of great opportunities. Our goal is to simplify the job search process for English as Secondary Language (ESL) teachers and helps you in finding your dream job.

One needs to have some sort of qualification in order to apply for these jobs. If you are considering teaching English abroad and strive to share that passion with others then you can choose several pathways to establish your teaching career. If you wish to pursue your career teaching English to speakers of other languages then TEFL course is the ideal solution. TEFL course provides the skills needed to Teach English Abroad. This certification helps you to teach in the countries where students do not speak English as their first languages such as Italy, China or Japan.

TEFL certification is the best way to increase your competitiveness and it also qualifies you for some of the higher-paying TEFL Jobs. Getting certified with TEFL is the most challenging and it is the first step to help you aid in your search for employment. TEFL qualification opens doors in the corporate sector and the most attractive benefit you get is the freedom and opportunity to work abroad. There is a higher demand for the trained TEFL teachers in non-native English speaking countries like Italy.

Schools and colleges in Italy prefer TEFL trained teachers to teach English and this course is now becoming the mandatory qualification for ESL jobs in Italy. Teaching English in Italy gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The teachers who choose to Teach English in Italy may have an opportunity to work in an international environment and it may provide an excellent opportunity to enhance international business skills and experience the Italian lifestyle and culture.

There are thousands of websites that offer ESL teaching jobs, but going through each website regularly leaves you confused and it a tedious task for ESL teachers. ESL Jobs Lounge search job postings from hundreds of websites save your time and find the best job postings that best suits with your skills and qualification. If you want to build your career in teaching and if you are looking for the best website to help you with the job search then ESL Job Lounge is the best choice to go with.

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