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Lubrication of equipment has become a necessity that should only be filled with optimum quality and efficiency.

One of the prominent names in Lubrication Industry, Bijur Delimon has grown to become a worldwide leader in speciality and industrial lubrication systems. It deploys engineering solutions to many demanding applications. Each of its products is manufactured by taking into consideration every aspect of temperature, movement, corrosion, materials and pressure to endure the stressful environments. Bijur Delimon serves customers on six continents, and operate crucial manufacturing, design, logistic, and sales facilities in nine prominent markets. The basic principles and specifications it works on are the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and a few engineering communities and governing bodies.

Bijur Delimon
Bijur Delimon

Besides lubrication equipment, Bijur Delimon is into modern and effective transportation operations like off-road, rail, on-road, intermodal, etc., and into lubrication management. Some of the lubrication management services provided by this Lubrication Industry giant are commissioning and start-up assistance, bearing surveys, training of daily operations, system design, and maintenance services, complimentary first service call and a couple of service agreements for the brands of lubricating, like functional and visual check of controller, metering devices, all lubricant feed lines, and lubricator, validation of system settings, generating detailed report of recommended services or repairs, and replacement of routing service items.

Furthermore, Bijur Delimon provides services like field installation and maintenance on any vehicle for industries like oil and gas, agricultural, trucking and intermodal, forestry, construction and mining, airport trams, rail wear, onboard locomotive, subway surface system, and noise abatement.

Bijur Delimon deploys engineering services too:!

From designing and supporting all applications to developing speciality products, and manufacturing factory-engineered kits particular to the equipment including the controller, lubricator, hose, devices, metering, fittings, tubing and hardware to designing custom OEM products, this lubrication expert does all. As a matter of fact, it customises cold weather environment, evaluates and tests products, analyses PFMEA and DFMEA, prepare custom and kitting bill of the material and designing models of 2D and 3D CAD.

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