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It’s no secret that with the field of data science exploding out of the rocks data scientists have become the greatest commodity in the professional space. Businesses are vying with each other, to land the most promising talent out there and to get the most out of their historical data. People who are literally outsiders are having to wonder what actually is the function of such employees and why are they able to land comfortably a higher value on salary than others?

Big Data scientists are people who have the technical skills to take large chunks of data and gently perform statistical analysis in the process finding relevant patterns. It doesn’t end here. The real job starts when they have to make sense of these patterns and in turn pass judgements as to what kinds of changes will impact the end-product.

Now the question arises, how to get the best data scientist qualifications and where to get them from? Although it is easier said than done, yet the shortest and the surest way to become such a professional is the road that leads to big data scientist certifications. These are the most suitable alternatives to other online degrees, that help an incumbent establish some extent of trust and confidence on the resume. For the people who are already pursuing a graduate degree that revolves around computer science, we say keep at it. If not, then the Massive Online Open Courses such as those offered by the likes of Edureka, Coursera & the Data Science Council of America (DASCA) are the best thing available. There are very few people who are actually aware of it but there is a third alternative as well. These have been popularized by the name of Boot camps. in a nutshell, they are designed to be completed in the short term but with a heavy dose of course material. This implies a good value for money, consider it to be a crash course.

Technical skills such those mentioned below formulate a major part of the data scientist qualifications bucket:

Tools & Techniques related to Machine Learning. For instance, ensemble methods, random forests etc.

Software engineering which includes topics like distributed computing, data structures etc.


Data Visualization techniques like ggplot, d3.js etc.

Big Data platforms like Hadoop, Hive/Pig.

Big data services that have sprung up in the last decade have done so because of the expertise and genius of people who have big data certifications. The extent to which some of these credentials have been customized is fascinating:

Associate Big Data Analyst (ABDA) – Meant for those who possess a diverse set of academic pedigree. People from management, economics, marketing can easily go for it.

Senior Big Data Analyst (SBDA)  – The senior counterpart of ABDA. People who are already employed and have a good experience in their respective field can opt for it.

Associate Big Data Engineer (ABDE) – Specifically designed for the people who have an engineering background.

Senior Big Data Engineer (SBDE) – I.T professionals who have spent last 3-5 years being in an engineering-related role.

Senior Data Scientist (SDS) – Typically for those who are into disciplines of deep learning and the likes. People should have 6+ years of experience.

Principal Data Scientist (PDS) – a foremost credential setting candidates apart to become successful data scientists. Candidates should have 10+ years of experience.

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