What Are The Eligibilities Required For TESOL Certification?

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Teaching is not just the career but a passion. Only those who are really passionate about their teaching career will sail through all the hurdles and will become successful. Others drop their teaching job after 3 to 5 years. For English, many teachers are available which makes it more competitive. Many might have heard people saying that to become an English teacher is a bad choice; that too, particularly when you want to become an English teacher abroad. But, it is not so.

The real thing is that English is a hugely spoken language and people in many countries want to learn English. Thus, there is a huge demand for English worldwide. It is also the language of business and commerce. Because of its huge demand and recognition all over the world, you can work anywhere in the world.

Nowadays becoming an English teacher is not much difficult since the courses are offered by many institutions. But the main problem arises in choosing the right institution which offers the best quality courses with minimal cost and quality education. One among them is the UNI-Prep which offers the high-quality course worldwide. The courses offered by them namely TESOL Certification Course is available both online and offline i.e. classroom course. They provide all the necessary materials for study, highly qualified teachers who clarify the doubts clearly and good support for other needs also.

Before choosing the course or enrolling for the course, one must check their eligibility for studying the course. Unlike other institutions which ask for satisfying many eligible conditions, UNI-Prep wants everyone to get benefitted from their course and made the eligibility conditions as simple as possible so that it will reach everyone and the real talents will get benefitted out of it.

The minimum entry requirements to get into the TESOL course are as follows.

  • He/she must be above 18 years of age.
  • He/she must have completed a high school diploma.
  • He/she can be a citizen of any country.
  • He/she need not be a native English speaker but should be proficient in English
  • The degree is not required and he/she need not have any prior teaching experience.
  • He/she can live anywhere in the world and can study online.

Enrolling into the UNI-Prep’s Online TESOL Certification course is also made easy. It is also available online and the fee is also minimal and thus cost-effective. You can study the course at your own feasible time. As soon as you register online, you can start studying and you will get a maximum of 1 year to complete the course.

For any other details required you can visit www.uni-prep.com

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