Where Should you Go for Making Gold in Runescape ?

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Looking for techniques to make RS Gold? Runescape Gold is the money that you gain through certain activities that you do in the World of Runescape. When you begin your new avatar in Runescape, fortunately you start in the city of Lumbridge and there you will have several opportunities to get gold e.g. the cow-field. In order to earn cash on cowhides, first empty out every little thing from your inventory apart from your weapons and armor.

When you begin collecting gold in the cow-field, you are quite likely to come across other people in the fields who are trying to eliminate cows. This is an great location to collect money. All those individuals gathering cow-hides are also strongly grabbing the cow parts, which means you just need to walk around and choose as much cowhides as you want. If you aren’t able to get the cowhides that easily, kill the cows on your own and collect the hides.

Keep gathering the cowhides until you fill up your stock to the max-level. Then take them to the bank in order to earn some money. You must collect at least 100 hides, although the more you will search, the more money you will be able to make. Once you have gathered enough hides, it’s time to move to the bank. After that head over to the Grand Exchange and you will surely be able to sell your hides for around 130 gp each. Which means If you are having 100 hides, they are equal to that of 13,000 pieces of gold. I hope the information presented here will help you make as much RS Gold as possible and you will become the richest player within a short time.

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