Love Online Bingo? Sites such as ‘Costa and William Hill Bingo’ are your place to sign up!

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Online bingo is a lot like the real bingo ball game- except it does not come with the noise and smoke. There are specific patterns and you as a player will need to match it with whatever is showing in the bingo window. As soon as these numbers show, you daub your cards by clicking with your mouse. If the pattern matches with your card, you hit the bingo button. Now taking into account that you want to play online bingo, there are 2 names which you ought to go for. Costa and William Hill Bingo!

Reasons to go for these 2 names:

Considering the popularity of online casino gaming and understanding the high-demand of online bingos, you will find a plethora of options available. So, as a general rule, you should try and look into reviews of top sites to separate the best from the rest.

You can do it as well and just like so many, you will find these 2 names including in an index of the bests. Here are some reasons which confirm they deserve their top spots.

Starting off with William Hill Bingo:

As a bingo enthusiast, you will come across numerous sign-up bonuses and that too without any need of bonus codes.

As per existing reviews –

1st-time players get a £40 sign up bonus to kick start their bingo experience. This bonus splits into 2 sections, where you get £30 bingo incentive and the other £10 is applicable for other games.

But that’s not all. As you stake out your £10 inside 8 days, you get an invitation to its Welcome Lounge.

Other promotional offers include-

  • 50% prices on Bingo tickets for Monday.
  • Sunday, you get the liberty to play 5 games with just £1000.
  • Furthermore, the site also presents BUY ONE GET ONE bingo offerings. Prices range between £25-£100

Bingo games which you can enjoy with such bonus offers:

  • 75Ball Bingo
  • 80 Ball
  • 90 ball
  • Rainbow Riches
  • Deal or No deal
  • Lucky number bingo

Other entertainments include:

-Joker Jackpot
-Multi-player games
-And Who wants to be a Millionaire

Moving over to Costa Bingo: Similar bingo perks are available for enthusiasts!

This is another option for you and in terms of pedigree and prowess, it is at par with the one above.

When you visit this website, you will come across numerous Costa-Bingo bonus offers. As per reviews of them, here’s accounting a few of them.

A welcome bonus of £5 is immediately given to your account on signing up. This is a perfect way to introduce 1st timers to get the feel of the site without even spending a single penny.

Apart from this, if you make a deposition of £10, you get an additional £50 bonus from the site. So your total sum rounds off to £60. It also works if you want to deposit less than £10. Say if you invest £5, Costa Bingo still gives you that 500% of this deposition, which totals up to £25.

To make things even better, you also get incentives on your 2nd and 3rd deposits.

-150% bonus is available on any deposit you make 2nd time around.
-100% exists on whatever your sum is for the 3rd deposition.
-Plus reload bonus for all tops ups lie at 50%.

For a 1st timer bingo player, getting these kinds of incentives is simply great. And this is why both Costa, as well as William Hill Bingo sites, are so widespread all over UK. So sign up now and start availing its perks.



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