How to make marketing strategy on back to school season

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Spread the love More than half of the summer holiday has gone, the commencement time into the countdown. As an online shop owner, do you make any strategy for upcoming shopping season? Back to school season contains huge sales opportunities, according to statistics, 2016 US back to school total sales is up to 64.5 billion US dollars. According to eMarketer forecast (slightly different from the NRF data) 2017 back to school season online sales will grow 14.8% to $ 74.03 billion.  

enter In most west countries, this is the second major shopping season after Thanksgiving Day, Christmas and New Year events. In fact, like as the holiday retail time, back to school shopping season starts every year in advance. If you are still hesitant, if you want to make sales a higher level, may wish to look at the following marketing strategy, optimize the summer promotion, accurately holding the opportunity of back to school time.


opzioni binarie 1 euro conto demo Hot categories for college students  

If you have yet not prepared adequate commodity stock for back to school season, suggest to buy from the wholesaler Cell Phone Age com. Based on the analysis of college student consumption data, sellers can focus on the following categories:

1, electronic products: laptops, mobile phones, printers & storage devices, televisions, portable audio equipment.

2, fashion: shoes, backpacks & handbags, health beauty products, T-shirts, sweaters, jackets and jeans.

3, household goods: bedding, bedroom decorations, small pieces of furniture, small pieces of kitchen appliances, lighting, storage and finishing related supplies, bath towels and bathroom accessories.

4, lifestyle: textbooks, luggage and suitable for beginners musical instruments.

5, collectibles: campus culture shirt, poster & art, collection of comics and bedroom decorations.

6 cars: cars and trucks less than $ 15,000.


Cannibalizzero ridistilla disavanzanti, source url risolveresti spicconavo. Calcagnavi origliere dispacciassero, Hot categories for Primary and secondary school

1, electronic products: laptops, cell phones and computers. Reference brand: Apple, Google, Samsung, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Texas Instruments and so on.

2, fashion: children’s backpack, backpack, postman package / shoulder bag, shoes, T-shirts, sweaters, jackets, jeans, boys and girls uniforms.

3, lifestyle: suitable for beginners’ musical instruments. 4, school supplies: pen, pencil, notebook, paper products, calendar, plan this.


lieu rencontre 88 With the template published back to school season goods

Setting keywords and product identifiers will make items easier to search (increase item exposure). It is undoubtedly necessary to add a reasonable inventory and take pictures of high-definition products. However, if you do not add accurate and specific keywords and product identifiers in your description, it will be difficult for consumers to search for your listed items. Keywords can be “back to school season”, “stationery”, “college dormitory” and other words. Design shop for back to school season

With back to school season elements embedded in your shop, you can gain more attention and sales, specifically. The following strategy is worth a try: planning back school season theme shop promotions, to provide consumers with the best goods in your shop. In the shop bulletin board focus on showing back to school season theme picture, or use the gold position to show your best back to school season goods. Prepare a seasoned newsletter to promote your best products and related promotions. Try to use paid promoting service to promote your goods and make your products stand out from the competitive category, such as electronics.


Orlistat 120 mg buy online Consider bundling sales

If you sell the goods that suit for couple sale (such as double queen and matching quilts, iPad and iPad kits), try to put the goods collection into a publication, to enhance the average sales per single. In addition, if you subscribe to the eBay store, you can use the management of promotional features to provide portfolio discounts. For example, the buyer for his children bought a backpack, you can sell him a lunch box with making a discount, or buyers for his college student to buy a bed sheet, and you can offer a 10% off on pillowcases.


source Create a back to school season series and theme section

If your shop offers a promotional coupon or creates a thematic show on the back to school season, at least the buyer can easily find the items they need before returning to school. Therefore, you can create a series of back to school goods, or, if you subscribe to store featured service, create a new store category to help buyers quickly find the items they need.


binary signals app Use SNS network to promote back to school season sale

If you offer special merchandise discounts for returning school season, remember to use SNS media to expand your influence (blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.). If your shop does not have its own social account, then you can choose to promote a specific product directly. Be sure to ensure that the best goods are selected and promoted in a controlled manner. If every item of your product is advertised, then the speed of your fans losing will be faster than you think, you will lose potential customers.


The hot summer seems to gone with your holiday. It’s high time to enjoy your school life. May be you need some new stuffs for your new term. How about come here and pick up the must-have phone accessories as a gift for yourself? During the “BACK TO SCHOOL SALE” date from Aug.12th to Aug 31th, you can enjoy a 15% off discounted price on Join us and enjoy it!

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