Matrimonial ad in times of india Bangalore
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Matrimonial ad in times of india Bangalore

A sacred thread that binds two people together is what marriage is. It brings two individuals into a relationship of a lifetime where both of them have vital roles to play. Both need to take up the responsibility and drive the relationship towards progress. Many couples find it difficult to adjust post marriage as life before marriage is entirely different and the one after getting hitched is completely a new world for both the partners. It is also true that no two individuals are alike in terms of habits, likes, dislikes, etc. and hence both need to have patience and give time to each other to adjust with the new setting i.e. married life.

Well! All these tips are for those who have already settled into a wed-lock. What about those who are still struggling to find a life-partner? What are the tips that can come handy for those who are seeking a marriage alliance? First and foremost thing is to begin your partner search in a positive direction with positivity in mind.

Matrimonial sites and other channels of partner search are all good and are functioning well in making marriage alliances but the role of a printed advert in a newspaper cannot be ignored at any cost. News journals have been in use for ages in match-making. A printed advert is efficient in helping people connect with the like-minded people who are looking forward to get married.

Times of India is one national daily that has always witnessed a lot of ad requests in the matrimonial column. The newspaper comes up with an exclusive supplement that is dedicated for matrimonial posts only. You can publish adverts under ‘Bride wanted’ and ‘Groom wanted’ categories. One can also post adverts under various other categories viz. Brahmins, Jains, Sikhs, Jat, Muslims, etc. Some can also post ads under sections like Doctors, MBA, Lawyers, etc. who are seeking partner irrespective of caste and only as per their desired profession. A more liberal lot that is looking for matches without any parameters can go for publishing their ad post under cosmopolitan category to broaden their partner search.

The Times of India is published across the country and hence one can choose the city of their choice for the advert for instance Times of India Matrimonial Ads for Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, etc.

Coming to the ad rates of posts in this coveted news broadsheet you will notice that the prices are always on a higher side if you approach the paper directly. It is due to the popularity and wide circulation of the newspaper throughout the country as well as abroad. So, in case you want to publish Matrimonial Ads in Times of India for Bangalore then, be ready to shell out a huge amount of money for the same.

Amidst such a situation it is highly recommended that you take the help of an expert that deals in newspaper classified adverts.  Get in touch with an authentic channel i.e. an ad agency that will help you get the ad space in the best price that you want. Such service providers usually offer services that include all kinds of classified ads and not just matrimonial posts in all the newspapers in India (and sometimes abroad as well).

So, before taking the big leap into the world of matrimony, take each step carefully and then proceed so that your future brings all the happiness for you.

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