Permanent Cosmetics – Are They Right for You?

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For today’s women on the go, trying to get out the door on time when you have so much to do can make applying your makeup feel like a chore – and one that you don’t have time for.


Permanent cosmetics are the perfect solution. Applied to the face, typically on the lips, eyes, and brows,permanent cosmetics resemble makeup but are actually tattoos. They eliminate the daily need for applying lipstick and eyeliner or penciling in your brows for a thicker, more uniform appearance.


Although you may opt for a dramatic change with permanent cosmetics, they are usually meant to enhance your beauty with a natural yet refined appearance.


Who can cosmetic tattoos help?

Cosmetic tattoos are sought out for many reasons in addition to convenience. They are ideal for people with medical conditions that prevent them from applying their own makeup, such as those who are visually impaired or those who have suffered any type of fine motor loss.


Are cosmetic tattoos just for women?

Both women and men may have a desire for cosmetic tattoos due to loss of hair in the brow or eyelash areas from alopecia totalis, chemotherapy, or other medical condition, or even loss of skin pigment, a condition known as vitiligo. Burn victims may use permanent cosmetics as a way to cover their hair loss, disfigurement, or scarring.


Who can get permanent cosmetics?

Anyone over the age of 18 in Idaho can have cosmetic tattoos. No matter what skin toneyou may have you can get makeup tattoos, and the color will be matched to compliment your skin.


How long does the application take, and are cosmetic tattoos really permanent?

Each area is usually done in less than an hour, but it will depend on the location and how many cosmetic tattoos you are getting. To have permanent lipstick, permanent eyeliner, or other makeup tattoos applied simultaneously, you can expect to spend about four hours at the salon.


Fading can occur with permanent makeup, but periodic maintenance can be done to refresh the color so it always looks flawless.


Are permanent cosmetics safe?

As with any type of tattoo, there are risks but they are minimal. It’s important to seek a reputable, licensed business from which to have your cosmetic tattoos applied to reduce your risk of infection.


If you’re considering permanent cosmetics to improve your appearance or to save time and money on beauty products, call your local Boise Med Spa for more information.

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