Rocket League Keys, Their Significance, and Where to Get Them

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Rocket league is a game full of cosmetic items, from fancy and new cars to shiny, rare decals. The most fundamental types of these items are unclocked through playing the game, which is rewarded at the end of matches. Rarer versions though are generally found in crates.

So how do you find crates? They are generally dropped in the game as a random item ultimately in the match. This happens rarely though so don’t get discouraged if you are not able to get enough crates until now. When you get one, remember that a wheel, car, decal or rocket trail may be likely to obtain.

To open such crates, you need keys. Likewise the case system in CS:GO, the keys required to open these random crate drops can only be purchased. You can purchase them one at a time or in sets of 5, 10, and 20 directly from the marketplace. Head over to the Crate Unlock or Manage Inventory menus that are directed to purchase options.

Remember that you won’t be able to trade your keys, reward for seven days after the purchase.

If you are looking to buy rocket league key or crates from an online seller, make sure you already know about the seller and that he is the one who you could count on for your future rocket league needs. Although you can easily find a number of sellers online, but not all of them are reliable. So make sure to evaluate the seller’s reputation before you place an order with him.

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