The sd501 can produce absolutely pure water

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Walter filtering and purification systems have become more of a necessity than a luxury today. This is because of high levels of ground and surface water contamination. Industrial waste is one reason for the same. Human settlements and industries together have polluted the water to such an extent that it is not safe to drink water directly from the tap. You need water purification systems. The Kangen water filter system is one of the available options today. It could be on the expensive side, but is still worth every dollar you spend on the machine. Let us look at some of the advantages of this machine in our day-to-day lives.

Before understanding the functioning and advantages of the Kangen water filter system, one should have a clear idea about the concept. Kangen is a Japanese word meaning ‘returning to the origins’. By this term, we mean to come back to the times when we had pure unadulterated water available in our rivers and ponds.

The Kangen machine works on this concept by using processes like ion exchange and electrolysis to separate the minerals from their bicarbonates. The sd501 system envisages the use of positive and negative electrodes to separate these salts. The bicarbonates are attracted towards the positively charged plates whereas the minerals like calcium and magnesium are attracted towards the negative electrodes. These ions pass through an ion exchange membrane that allows for a one-way journey alone. Therefore, they end up in different chambers.

There is a process of electrolysis as well that causes the water molecules to split into positively charged hydrogen ions and negatively charged hydroxy ions. Therefore, you see acidic water in one chamber and alkaline water in the other. In between you have the neutral water having pH value equal to 7.

The acidic water has a pH value less than 7 whereas the alkaline water has pH value exceeding 7. There is no need to throw away the acidic or the highly alkaline water. They have their uses. The advantage of using this water filter system is that you get the absolute pure water as well. The other kinds of water filters do not give water with pH value equal to 7. This water does not have any taste. It is pure and hence very useful for preparing baby food and medication purposes.

Even though the water with pH value 7 is neutral and pure, it does not have any taste. Hence, you normally do not use this water for drinking purposes. However, this water is great to prepare baby food. Hospitals have this water for preparing their medicines. This water does not contain any chlorine or any minerals. You can use this water for washing wounds. Hence, this has great medicinal use.

In addition to this water, you have four other types of water. We shall see the uses of the acidic and alkaline water in subsequent articles. This Kangen water filter system thus lives up to its name of taking us back to the times when we had access to pure water.


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