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What is meant by buy back of stocks? Its advantages and disadvantages.

Buyback of stocks is a process where company purchases shares from stockholders or in open market.Company buys its stocks at a premium to the current market price . They do so with an aim of conveying positive message to its… Continue Reading →

What is meant by index investing and its advantages?

Popular index of Indian stock market are sensex, bank nifty, nifty and more. By index investing it is meant that maintaining same combination of stocks in same ratio as they are present in the targeted index so that it replicates… Continue Reading →

Some important technical indicators which investors must know about.

Stock market is of highly volatile nature and to trade here successfully, good performing stocks must be selected for trading purpose. In-order to predict market movements and stocks performance in the right direction fundamental and technical factors are carefully studied…. Continue Reading →

What are the advantages of trading on long term basis in stock market ?

Stock market is of highly volatile nature and sometimes it is really difficult to predict market movements in the right direction. Because of this day traders finds it difficult to earn profitable returns as market movements of particular day decides… Continue Reading →

What are the different phases of stock market cycle ?

There are four different phases of stock market cycle which traders and investors must know about to minimize their risk.Stock market cycle and economic cycle are two different things. By having a good understanding of these phases a trader can… Continue Reading →

How to do stock market research ?

Stock market is a well diversified market.Performing quality research work is very much important to earn well from market.A number of stocks are listed over the exchange and it is really difficult to decide which stock should be selected among… Continue Reading →

What is meant by stock warrants and how it is different from stock options ?

A stock warrant gives its holder right to buy a company’s stock at fixed price which is known as exercise price anytime until expiration date and receive newly issued stocks. They are very much similar to stock options. As an… Continue Reading →

What is meant by stop loss order, its types and benefits.

  Stop loss order A stop loss is an order type where a trader states to buy/sell a security once the price of security rises above or falls below specified stop price. By using this order type a trader does… Continue Reading →

What is meant by short selling and how it is dangerous ?

Short selling is a technique used by traders to earn profit from falling price of a stock by selling stocks which they do not own at the time of trading. Traders sells stocks without owing it with an expectation that… Continue Reading →

Some important day trading tips for traders to improve their returns from market.

    Day trading is quite popular among traders as here profit can be realized the very same trading day. Traders need to square off their position in market the very same trading day i.e position can not be held… Continue Reading →

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