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binary option trading tips

Brief introduction about SENSEX and NIFTY?

There is two primary index in the market sensex and nifty that indicate market movement regularly, on the basis of that index most of the investors take their decision regarding their investment. Many people often confused about both the terms,… Continue Reading →

Why investors use short selling strategy? Is it beneficial?

Short selling is a sell of a security that is not actually owned by the seller of that security, or that seller has borrowed from someone else. It is a strategy to sell a stock which you don’t actually own…. Continue Reading →

5 astonishing techniques to become a successful Forex trader

Many traders have a belief that Forex trading is much difficult and not for all. They think that it is very hard to succeed in the Forex market. Although, Forex trading is a good option to trade as it provides… Continue Reading →

Introduction of swing trading? How is it different from day trading?

Swing trading is a trading strategy used by traders to gain profit in share market by holding a share from overnight to several weeks. In this, traders use technical analyses to determine price trend and patterns. Swing trading is kind… Continue Reading →

Important points to be considered while trading penny stocks

Penny stocks are a type of stocks generally traded at lower prices. They have less market capitalisation, they are most illiquid, and are usually listed on a smaller exchange. These stocks are very unfounded in nature and are known as… Continue Reading →

What do you understand by the term – Short-term trading

Most of the trader in the stock market want to make quick bucks and they do not like to wait for a long time to make money. That’s the main reason they choose trading for short term. Investing in a… Continue Reading →

What are the main types of binary options

Almost every broker of binary options offers various range of options to the traders. As a trader, you will always wonder how many kinds of binary options are available and what exactly mean of these types of options. Many binary… Continue Reading →

What exactly is insider trading and why it is illegal?

Insider trading means a person buys or sells a stock which is based on the information that is totally confidential. The person may be a corporate officer or a director employee or someone who has right to receive the information… Continue Reading →

5 ultimate tricks to control emotions in stock trading

Emotions are what? It’s a strong feeling that derived from any circumstance which influences the thought process of a person. When I talk about stock market trading many investors lose their emotions that sometimes prove harm for their investment. There… Continue Reading →

Let’s understand what is bull and bear market?

Anyone who has invested their capital in the stock market very well understands that their investment amount goes up and down time to time. Do you ever think why? The stock market is a volatile market and the prices of… Continue Reading →

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