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Over the recent years, the technology landscape has continued to evolve consistently and rapidly. For example, Big Data, in just over a short span of time, has increased in size to a massive network which touches more than a million users. Now plenty of companies around the world leveraging their organizational success with the powerful big data. The rapidly shifting big data technology is creating new viable ways for entrepreneurs and companies to dream up dynamic and innovative business models. The top big data trends for 2017 are:

  • A lot of small and midsize organizations are making the move to transitioning their applications to the cloud rather using the traditional processing system. Companies now want to see less expenditure in the data centers and they are looking for value for money regarding their investments into solutions. Cloud services providers offer a plethora of advantages to the organizations along with expertise.
  • Big data is no longer associated with Hadoop only! As a matter of fact, purposefully built apps and tools relevant to Hadoop become passé now. By 2018, customers will start demanding analytics on all sort of data. This will be the cause of failure of tools and sources built for Hadoop.
  • In 2017, the aim is to build a single version of the data which will make sure that every data user is getting the right access permissions in place. This includes creating data access permissions settings or policies and executing the technology for monitoring and recognizing the data exfiltration.
  • Deep learning will bring us closer to artificial general intelligence. The artificial general intelligence is possible because of deep learning which is a subfield of machine learning & inspired by neural networks. The goal here is to build artificial neural networks which can find several patterns in massive amount of data. The widely available deep learning could significantly impact our lives in many ways.
  • In 2017, we will see variety becoming the single most driver of big data and analytics investments according to the recent survey by New Vantage Partners. This will continue to increase as organizations will start seeking more sources and focus on big data. The analytics platforms will be strictly evaluated for providing connectivity to the contrary sources.
  • There’s a major forecast about Internet of Things (IoT) which is it will be getting lots of attraction. loT will enable business decisions regarding discovering hidden opportunities in exploring and visualizing data stored anywhere.
  • There will be a comeback of metadata which was earlier considered to be obsolete and companies used to threw away them because they needed lots of processing. With the help of Hadoop, metadata will help users to understand data via self-service tools and this will only grow!