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Halfway through the year, we have come to observe a few trends which are quite prevalent in the field of human resource management. curated below, is the list of those cloud based tools which could effectively be utilized by many HR departments.


This is a cloud-based tool which allows for people to update their personal information by simply logging into the personal account. The day-to-day information which may be required out of an average employee, such as the date of birth, the current address of stay, the educational qualification and the likes of the same, which need to be addressed can be updated by people themselves thereby saving everybody loads of paper trail and manual effort.

Employee Self Service

There is a list of tools in the market which gives the sanction to the professionals of any organization to go ahead and access the information regarding the current state of affairs of the organization that they are working on. if the human resource management of an enterprise goes ahead and makes aware the people of the company about these applications, then it would have two-fold benefits in the manner that people would know their one-stop destination for the purposes of general knowledge extraction.

Manager Services

The brains that delegate the work to each and every person in the company, need a helping hand as well. In pretty as well as important cases, they wouldn’t want to get on the backs of their human resource management to get the information in bits and pieces. Rather using this kind cloud-based application they would be able to access the records of the entire database of employees and know the kind of progress that such people have contributed to the organization.

Attendance & Shift Management

This application provides the information which is directly or indirectly related to the current, go by and upcoming schedules of all professionals employed in the company. Such group of apps which are now at the disposal of HR leaders allows them to instantly know and dispel doubts of the employees who may be rostered in different shifts, provided the working environment in 24/7.


The best possible manifestation of the pin-up boards that we still use in offices. It distinguishes tasks on the basis of their status and level of completion. Using it helps everybody highly as people from all levels of dep. Involved in the same project get real time info. Regarding the level of upgrades made.