Uses Of Waterproof Adhesive Tapes In Daily Life!

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During world war II, the military of United States asked Johnson and Johnson to manufacture a waterproof tape to keep the ammunition away from moisture. The outcome was an incredible adhesive tape, the waterproof adhesive tape, made from a rubber-based adhesive put on a cloth. Over the years, the tape has evolved as one of the best do-it-yourself sets. Here are some of the inspirations that you can take:

Waterproof Adhesive Tape – Flowstrip

Shoe waterproofing:

Do not abandon a pair of the shoe just because it is letting in a little amount of water. Instead, wrap waterproof adhesive tape around the shoe, starting from the bottom, and ending at the top while overlapping the laces. Use these shoes during treks, or exploring new places.

Protect Floors And Carpets:

Tape the feets of your furniture with the tape to avoid any possible damage to the furniture and carpet. For example; apply a strip of the tape to the couch and chair legs. In fact, you can also use it to cover the sharp edges of the ladder.
Prevent Wood-splitting:

When removing a sheet of plywood, put a strip of the waterproof adhesive tape at where you’ll be cutting as it will reduce the effect of splinters from the saw blade and gives you a nice cut. Plus, it stops the circumventing wood from splitting.

Cover Air leaks:

Cover air leaks like in the balls or water-pipes by wrapping around this tape. It seals the hole completely so the inflatable will hold the air. In fact, carry it while cycling and use in case of punctures. At least, your cycle will be able to hold your weight until you reach a repair shop.

Reduce The Risk Of Window From Shattering During Bad Weathers:

Apply the waterproof adhesive tape diagonally on the window, making an X shape. The tape will prevent the window from shattering. Though during storms glass can still break, it will keep the glass shards at a place.


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