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Hand in the hand of him and her, heart to heart. Encompassed by the exotic Fiji is a gift. Submerged in rich greenery, decorated with magical sunsets, warm white sand, and the vast Pacific Ocean. Fiji Islands have for some time been the epitome of the perfect, fabulous and exotic wedding, which is a dream of each loving couple.

Yasawa – Best Place To Get Married In Fiji :

The best of the Fiji Islands for weddings is Yasawa. Here you have the chance to get all the benefits of an exotic wedding and hold the wedding ceremony as per local traditions and customs.

Wedding ceremony on Yasawa begins in an extremely exotic way: the bride floats to the place of the ceremony on the boat, decorated with brilliant tropical flowers. On the shore the bride sits down in the “position of authority” and compelling warriors carry her to the altar.

Before this altar, the priest will read the oration, and the couple will express promises of affection and loyalty to each other. An obligatory ritual of the Yasawa’s weddings is the national “dance on the coals” which clears the lovebirds from all wrongdoings.

Wedding ceremony on Yasawa usually takes place at night when the sun sets behind the skyline painting everything in red and pink tones. The bride and prepare can pick national wedding suits comprising of straw skirts and tropical bloom necklace, or traditional outfits as a magnificent white dress and perfect black tuxedo – it relies upon your inclination.

In any case, this isn’t all the romance, which this island can offer. Here you can also spend an unforgettable and sweet special first night enjoying peaceful natural surroundings of coconut palms, banana trees, beautiful beaches, perfect sunsets, turquoise lagoons and your adored one.

Here you will be able to admire powerful volcanoes, graceful waterfalls, and bubbling rivers; explore the underwater world of the Pacific, its world-famous stunning coral gardens, and exotic curious creatures that seem to have become accustomed to constant attention of annoying divers; and enjoy a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere away from the city hustle and clamor.

Yasawa Islands have everything to fill your special night with the atmosphere of affection and happiness.

Legend says that Fiji Islands were created by ancient divine forces of coral sand and adaptable palm trees for their own particular pleasure. Today you have a one of a kind chance to enjoy this celestial place with your beloved and feel all the pleasures that used to be available just to the divine beings.

Pick Yasawa for your wedding ceremony and special first night, and your married life will begin with memorable minutes and unforgettable impressions.